Visiting the Getty Center

I took Darus to the ‪#‎gettycenter‬ today. I was surprised to see that parking is now $15. I was further surprised to see that every single handicap stall was full. Oh well, we didn't let either color our experience. We rode the tram to the top - without incident. Darus miraculously sat on my lap and just took in his surroundings, as you do.

We toured the exterior exhibits and gardens. There were stares and whispers. I didn't mind. Darus has reached the age where his differences no longer pass as 'typical' toddler/adolescent behavior. His inability to attend, inability to follow directions/redirections, dropping to the ground when not wanting to go in a certain direction, constant drooling, etc., tend to tip people off. After 45 minutes of exploring, Darus was more than ready to go.

We found the elevator, pressed the button, and as we waited, we were joined by a foursome of older women. They reminded me of the Golden Girls. One was super bitchy and scolded Darus for pressing the up button too many times. (Mind you - we were on the lowest floor -- P2 -- therefore, there was just one button my child was incessantly pressing.

The Dorothy of the bunch, first told my son - and then told me - "he doesn't need to press the button so many times, just once. The elevator will come."

I defied all bones in my body to respect my elders.  Instead, my Tiger Mom instincts took over. I told this person that of course I understood that the button only needs to be pressed once. But he wanted to keep pressing it, and I was okay with that. And it's not hurting anyone. And it shouldn't bother her.

She boldly told me that it was, in fact, bothering her. I politely told her that she had a problem.

*I did not find it necessary to explain nor educate her with info about Darus' differences. This behavior could have been exhibited by ANY four year old.