Darus' language seems to come and go.  Sometimes he's willing to repeat many words that I ask him to say ... and other times he's not.  I got this video this morning before we left for school.  Prior to my taking the video he was actively repeating words I'd ask him to say.  As soon as I got my camera out, he got kind of shy.  The original video was 38 seconds, of me coaxing him to say momma.  I cut it down to what you see here - which I think is 18 seconds.  I've watched the video many times and it's interesting to me to watch his eyes/eyebrows move with his mouth.  

About 45 minutes after this video was taken, I was dropping him off at his classroom and at the door, through tears, and with some verbal prompting from his teacher, he managed to say, "bye mum".