Neuro Ophthalmologist

We were back at UCLA today to meet with a neuro-ophthalmologist.  Because Darus was unable to complete a standard eye exam at his pediatrician's office during his 4 year check-up, the pediatrician recommended we go this route.

The appointment went a lot better than the endo appointment.  We had barely any wait at all prior to being called into the exam room.  We met w/ the resident first, and I explained my concerns to him:

1. During Darus' EEG in October 2014 - the attending neuro was concerned that his pupils weren't dilating properly

2. Sometimes Darus' eyes appear to be slightly crossed, to me

The resident took a closer look and politely dismissed my concerns.  He felt as though Darus' pupils were dilating (constricting) appropriately, and he also told me that because the bridge of Darus' nose is so flat/broad -- that's why I sometimes might think his eyes are crossed.  It's an optical illusion.

I shared the same concerns w/ the specialist when she came in for her exam and she had the same advice as the resident.  She was also able to complete the exam and said that Darus did not need glasses.  She said his ability to see objects far away was normal and that his ability to see objects up close was still developing.  She said it was normal for his age.  She was not concerned.

She also did a quick internet search to see if there were any specific things she should be looking for, with regards to his PMS dx. 

Just when I thought the exam was done, she said, "okay, now I'll just put some drops in his eyes and you'll wait 30 minutes and then I'll be able to check his optic nerve, and then you'll be all done!"  ... Ummmmmmmm, really?!  Yikes!  I told her that would be really difficult for us and she said, "well, his eyes are light, so they will probably dilate quicker - just let the front desk staff know once they are dilated and we'll get you back in the exam room."  Fair enough.  12 minutes later and we were back in the chair!  This final portion of the exam proved to be the most difficult, but we got it done!  All in all, a success!

We will be back to see her next year for the same exam.