Trip to the Midwest

We flew, as a family, for the first time in 2.5 years.  Darus traveled a lot when he was younger, but ever since he's been mobile, it's been quite challenging to contain him on a plane.  Also, most people just do not understand Darus' inabilities to attend and/or pay attention.  We're constantly given looks and stares of, "why can you not control your child?", which can be quite discouraging.  

Darus has made a lot of progress though this past year and we were willing to try again, and I'm glad we did!  We had a really wonderful time visiting my family and friends in Wisconsin and Michigan.

I'm also very thankful to Love that Max for her helpful post regarding airline hotlines to specifically help/cater to people with disabilities.  Thank you @Delta for making our trip as smooth as possible!