Caroline's Cart

I sent the email below to our local grocery store manager.  Here's to hoping he'll see the value in getting a cart like this for his store.  I was quite surprised to see that although there are a few hundred Caroline Carts in California - not a single one in Los Angeles.  Here's hoping we'll be the one to change that!


Dear Mr. Kim,

I hope this email finds you well!  My family and I have shopped at your Ralph's store since moving to Westchester in 2011.  Our son, Darus, has Phelan McDermid Syndrome and shopping with him has become increasingly difficult.  He used to fit in the cart, which made things doable, but he no longer fits, and trying to wrangle him while pushing a cart and filling it with groceries has become nearly impossible.  

I realize I could buy groceries online, but, honestly, we really like going to your store and I believe it's good for our son as well to have the social interaction.  Your employees have all been super kind and friendly!  We always say hi to Jerry in the produce department, buy our sliced Boar's Head turkey from Bernard in the deli and get checked out by Sylvia - everyone's favorite cashier!

I've recently heard about Caroline's Cart:

Have you heard of it?  I'm writing to you today in hopes that you might consider obtaining one for your store so that we can continue to shop there.   

Thank you very much for your consideration,
Warm regards,