The Only Constant is Change

I wouldn't doubt if I've already labeled another post with this title.  It seems to be an on-going theme.

Darus has had the privilege and honor of being with the same beloved Occupational Therapist (OT) since he was 2 years old.  I received the news tonight that she thinks he has outgrown the gym that she has available to serve him with and it's time for him to move onward and upward to a new gym.  While my friend D wisely tried to tell me this isn't a bad thing, I cannot help but to be sad.  Sad for myself, as the facility was so convenient and I really trusted and cared for the OT.  Sad for Darus as this is all he's known. 

And, frankly, just sad ... similarly to how I was sad when Darus was graduating from UCLA's ECPHP program.  I did not feel like celebrating anything.  It was more like a funeral.  It takes so much to get your kid into a program and you become some vested in it and everything about it and know how difficult - if not impossible - it will be to replicate the program on your own.  It's just tough.  That's all.