What did you do this morning?

An innocent enough question, right?  Well, I woke up at 4:48 AM.  Darus is pretty bossy first thing in the morning and full of spirit and energy.  This morning was no different.  Pee had leaked out of his diaper.  I got him out of his evening jumpsuit and straight into the bathtub to clean and warm him up.  I stripped his bed and put the items in the washing machine.  Only to return to see -- our first ever -- code brown!  Ugggggggggggghhhh.  Jonas came to assist.  Darus, of course, thought it was funny and wanted to keep sloshing around and wouldn't get out.  I finally had to pull him out of the tub.  Brought him into the shower in my bathroom while Jonas worked at cleaning up the bathtub.  Overall, I guess, it wasn't that bad, but it sure sucked as it was happening.  All of this and it's only 5:15 AM.  We watched some cartoons and ate some breakfast and then it was off to the beach for a stroller walk and playtime.

I managed to get in 5 miles all while keeping Darus happy in his stroller.  Not an easy feat.  Now that he's getting older, he often times will only tolerate a few miles.  He had fun playing at the park by the beach and then we got a message that some friends were down at the Venice pier so we headed back that way.  Darus had a blast playing in the sand and chasing the ocean waves.  We played until nearly 11 AM and then we headed home.