Sleep Disturbances

I shudder to document this .. as I'm hopeful it is a passing phase ... but I want to try to keep as good of records as possible in order to help Darus and all others affected by PMS.  

Every now and then I will hear Darus in the middle of the night either laughing or 'talking' to himself.  In the past, I've always checked in on him via the Nest camera in his room.  As soon as I'd see that he was still in bed, I'd typically turn the camera off, as even the little light that it puts off, I figure must be enough to keep him awake, as in the past, as soon as I've turned it off, he seems to go to sleep.

Last night was different.  I woke up around 3 AM, as I heard him giggling and bumping into the wall.  I checked the camera and could see he was fine, in his bed, so I was about to turn it off, when I noticed there was quite a history - going all the way back to 12:30!  The poor child had been awake, hanging out in his bed, and a few times got up to look out his bedroom window.  My heart sank.  I had to wonder how many other nights this has happened?

I finally went in at 3:30 AM.  His diaper was overflowing and his pajamas were wet.  We went to the bathroom to change.  I put him back in his room, and he went back to sleep shortly thereafter (around 3:45 AM).