Music Therapy

Thanks to one of the many online 'special needs mommy support groups' that I belong to I was introduced to The Children's Music Fund.  I filled out a quick application online and within a month or two I was contacted by a local Music Therapist.  I was a bit weary at first, given Darus' attention struggles.  I wasn't sure how well it would go.  We were assigned to an amazing gal, Ms. Jenna.  She came out for our initial session and she was so nice, patient, calm and understanding.  The lesson, unfortunately, ended with me in tears, as I felt so bad that my child was unable to sit still, pay attention and/or offer any appreciation for this giving person that had come to our house to work with him.  I emailed her the next day to let her know that perhaps this wasn't the right time for Darus, that perhaps he just wasn't ready for music therapy.  I felt bad mostly because I figured there might be another child out there that could really benefit from this therapy and I didn't see it as beneficial to Darus.  I could not have been more wrong.  Ms. Jenna gracefully replied to my email letting me know that she felt the session went well for Darus and even "the brief moments of interest in the music were beautiful moments".  She further stressed that all that was necessary for success was that the two of them establish a relationship and work together to play music and whatever he is capable of doing is just perfect.  She met him where he was - developmentally and physically.  She provided him with a fun outlet for exploration and communication.  She knew that his attention would only allow her so much time and she delicately balanced that boundary.  We just 'graduated' from the program and it was definitely a success!  Thank you Ms. Jenna for all that you've done to help expose our boy to music!  Your perseverance & kindness were much appreciated!