Judging Eyes & Condescending Sighs

While out for a walk this morning with Darus we encountered a judgmental and ignorant person. She took one look at Darus and then looked up at me as she sighed and shook her head and said, "really?". I'm not sure if she was questioning why my 6 year old (really, he's 4, but looks like he's 6) was stuffed into a jogging stroller or because it was, in fact, sprinkling? In any event, Dear Ignorant Woman of 76th Street, my son has Phelan McDermid syndrome. He wakes at 5 am every morning. Walking is one of the few activities we mutually enjoy together for a sustained amount of time. Your judging eyes and condescending sighs are uncalled for and I cannot believe I didn't question you!? I was in shock.

In an effort to help wash away this ignorance, please do an act of kindness today.