24-Hour EEG

We had our first 24-hour EEG today.  We checked into UCLA Ronald Reagan - Mattel Children's Hospital - at 1:30 this afternoon.  Our room wasn't quite ready, so we got to play on their playground for a bit.  Once we finally got into our room, it was pretty non-stop.  A revolving door of nurses, EEG techs, doctors, residents etc.  There were two techs applying the leads to Darus' head and I had to lay on top of him for the entire time to keep him from pulling at the leads, all the while attempting to keep him still.  A resident neurologist got to hold the iPad, as Darus watched not 1, but 2 episodes of Dora.  Once all of the leads were placed, they wrapped his head up in guaze -- which didn't last long.  Darus was pulling on it and wanted to quickly get out of there!

For a brief moment, I was ready to throw in the towel and admit defeat.

But I knew if we left now, we'd have to come back sooner or later for the test.  I had to reach deep down inside of myself and find my calm, patience and respect.  I knew I had to use these tools to help Darus understand the importance of why he needed to stay on the bed and leave his head alone.

It worked!!

As the tech came back in to re-wrap his head, I explained to Darus that I knew he wanted to leave.  I knew he didn't want this stuff on his head.  But we had to finish the test.  I told him it was okay to be sad and to cry and to not want to be there.  I believe he understood me.  From 5 until about 6, he was whimpering most of the time, but stayed pretty happy -- and still -- with his iPad.  Then Daddy arrived and Darus was very happy to see Jonas!  He finally fell asleep - mid spelling game - at 7:50.  I slept in the hospital bed with him until he woke at 5 AM.  The leads were removed around 8 AM and we were finally discharged just before 10 AM.  The preliminary reading of the results showed no abnormal brain activity.  I wasn't terribly surprised, as I had not noticed any seizures, but thankful we had the opportunity to have the test.  And, if nothing else, at least we have a baseline and peace of mind.  The hospital staff, doctors & nurses were all amazing!  Thank you, Mattel Children's Hospital at UCLA Ronald Reagan!