We met w/ Darus' psychiatrist this afternoon.  We presented our findings from GeneSight and discussed the results with her.  Latuda & Seroquel both seem to be used in the PMS community, and since they both showed up on Darus' test as greenlit, I was interested to hear her feedback.  She felt as though Darus is too young for either of these drugs.  We decided on Abilify and we're starting w/ a dose of .5 mg.

*Update - today is day 3 with this new medication.  In addition to the .5 mg of Abilify, Darus is also currently taking 2 mgs of guanfacine (Tenex).  He takes 1 mg in the morning and the other mg in the evening.  Darus has been very sleepy.  The Dr said this would likely happen.