A Note from School

I've written about it before, but I'll write about it again.  Darus' school is amazing.  We are so very fortunate to have this incredible resource right here, so close to us!  Darus has learned so very much and he is loved so very much.  What more could a parent want?  Below is a note that came home from his speech therapist today.  And pictures as well!


Here are some pictures of playtime with Darus today! First he took his
turn with the Jellyfish Jammers, then we visited the potty before
going to play in the room!

Darus loved the Henry the Octopus song! He watched Jellyfish Jammer
demonstrate and loved watching his friend Max dance. He pointed to the
speaker and smiled saying, “song”. After watching two friends dance
and hide, Darus was ready to take his turn. He was organized in going
to the stations in order. He went straight to the dress-up station #1
to get his tentacles and cap. Then he went straight to #2 to stand on
his spot. When the music began, Darus danced and smiled next to his
partner! When he stopped, he continued again when we cued him to
“Dance!” The lights went off and Darus went with Jellyfish Jammer to
hide. He smiled big when he popped out from behind the rock!

After his turn Darus came to the room to play. He loved going into the
ocean cave with the dolphin, fish, and crab puppet. To prepare for the
fishing pole game, two of the fish were placed in the tent for Darus
to open and see what was inside their mouths!  He found the gummy worm
wrapped in foil and unwrapped it. He really enjoyed eating it and
feeding some of it to the fish puppet!

Enjoy the pictures!