EEG Results

Results from Darus' EEG are in. Abnormal activity has been detected. They didn't see any seizures, but the abnormal brain waves (spikes) indicate it's possible he is having seizures periodically. Anti-seizure medication (Lamictal) has been prescribed. We will follow-up w his neuro in 3 weeks.

I am sad but am thankful that we caught it and can start to treat it. And, if his brain begins to function better, we might see improvement in other areas.

Additionally, I'd like to thank the few PMS moms that private messaged me their concerns of absence seizures after they watched a video that I had posted of Darus on our PMS support group page.  (It's also posted here on 8/18/16.)  

(For the benefit of other parents - and to help me remember as well - it's been suggested that we slowly but surely ramp up to a therapeutic dose of 125 mgs/daily.  It will take us 10 weeks to get to this dose.  Darus is currently 6 years old, 48" and 63 lbs.)