Fecal Smearing

Yup.  You read correctly.  Gross.  I know.  I hesitated writing this post.  I really did not want to write this post.  But I believe that honesty is key.  I want to keep it real.  Furthermore, since this blog is intended to serve 3 purposes (help family/friends to understand my daily life, help me to keep track of my daily life & to help other families that are dealing with special needs), I am hopeful this will provide color to all.  With that said, "shit happens".

I was excited to make dinner tonight.  Darus was in a super groovy relaxed state, post OT, and was tinkering in the backyard.  Ever since Jonas secured the backyard with gates on both sides, I've felt pretty comfortable knowing that Darus would be safe.  As an extra added measure, I made sure that the backyard was free and clear of dog poop.

Operation - Sushi!  I started the rice on the stove.  I opened the gobo root packages, peeled and sliced cucumbers and avocados.  I had the edamame defrosting in a bowl and the shishito peppers readied to be blistered.  I was well on my way to having a real meal prepared when Darus came toddling into the kitchen through the back door sans his pants and diaper.

My nose could smell it before my eyes could process it.  Shit on his feet, hands and even a little bit near his mouth.  I froze.  I hardly knew what to do!  By the time I was able to move, he had already put his hands on the countertop near the sink.  I grabbed his wrists and walked him back outside to investigate.  Sure enough, by the side gate, there it was.  Poop everywhere.  Poop on the ground.  Poop on the gate.  Poop over the gate. 

What's a mom to do?  I got the hose.  Thankfully, the weather was decent, so this was a viable option.  I first hosed Darus down as best I could, as much as he'd allow.  I then attempted to hose away the shit on the ground and gate - as best as I could.  Then it was time for a shower for Darus.  And by the time he was midway through, I realized, I needed one too.  We both washed our hair & bodies.  Afterward, it was pajamas and a cartoon for Darus, while I finished cleaning up outside & the kitchen.

Meanwhile, the sushi rice was way overcooked and under-vinegared.

Once I put Darus to bed, I made new rice.  I was determined.  The rice turned out, but the rolls did not.  Upon attempting to cut the first roll, I learned that our sushi-cutting knife needs to be sharpened.

The best laid plans, often go awry.  I'm okay with that.

The silver lining you might ask?  My shishito peppers turned out perfectly!