Darus had so much Fun!

We took Darus out this morning for breakfast & a park romp.  As we were heading home, Darus was looking pretty tired.  But, as we turned onto our cul de sac, and saw our new friends (our neighbors are in the process of adopting!) playing outside, Darus sparked back up with energy and wanted to join in the fun!  Darus had a blast running around, playing basketball, checking all of the gates, 'helping' the neighbors' gardeners, etc.  After nearly an hour of non-stop 'playing' it was time for lunch and the neighborhood kids went into their house.  We tried explaining to Darus that it was time for him to go into our house.  He was pissed.  He wanted to keep playing!  He kept checking the windows, to see if he could see the kids.  And he cried.  A lot.  It was so very sad, yet sweet at the same time to see him express himself.  Even though Darus wasn't necessarily playing inline with the other children, he was very much feeding off of their playful & joyful energy.  And it was very apparent to us that as things came to an end, he really truly enjoyed being with his new friends!