Haircut - On His Own Accord

While walking home from OT tonight, we were doing some window-shopping in the Westchester triangle.  We walked by the karate studio and watched the 5  - 8 year old class.  Darus gets real excited and usually shrieks a bit.  We stood by the open door until the instructor gave me the signaling eye that said, "you're child is disrupting my class".  We carried on and walked by the barbershop.  There was a man getting his hair cut and he smiled at Darus and coaxed him into the shop with his charismatic demeanor.  There was a hairdresser that wasn't busy and asked Darus if he wanted his hair cut.  Darus, like a boss, climbed right into the big ole barber chair and amazingly sat fairly still for about 30 seconds.  I was ready to call it a day -- but the hairdresser wasn't!  She got out the smock and went to town.  She was really very kind and patient with Darus.  He didn't get a full haircut, but it was a quick little trim, and he was sure proud!  #sowasmomma