Nighttime Waking

UPDATE - I'm excited to be able to post this update.  Darus had the same behavior pattern the very next day.  I was able to videotape it and brought it to his neurologist who assured me that this was not seizure activity, as I had feared, instead, it's stimming. 

3:35 AM - I went into Darus' dark room after waking from hearing him kick the wall (I think?)  He didn't seem upset.  He was a bit warmer than usual and was a little bit sweaty, not too bad.  He seemed to somewhat acknowledge my presence.  I laid down with him.  In a 5-10 minute span, his left leg seemed to flex/lock up and he would concurrently grunt and had a different than normal breathing pattern ... it would last for about 5 - 10 seconds.  I couldn't see his eyes or face, but from feeling them, I do not think his face was locked up ... after this happened a few times he farted ... so, not sure if this was just gas?  I tried to hug him a few times and attempted to bring him out of his room, but when I did, he got upset and seemed like he wanted to stay in his bed.  I laid with him another 10 minutes or so and he went back to sleep.

Ever since receiving his dx, I have been on heightened alert for seizures.  Per Wikipedia, approximately 27% of PMS kids have epilepsy.  I talked to the neurologist this morning.  She didn't seem too concerned, but we're both glad to be having a sleep study/24 hour EEG next week at UCLA.