Echocardiogram & EKG

We were back at 200 Medical Plaza today for some baseline testing of Darus' heart.  We first had the echocardiogram, which is an ultrasound of the heart.  The technician performing the test took nearly 150 pictures of Darus' heart, all from different angles and using different probes/transducers.  He said that a cardiologist will review the images and report back to our pediatrician.

Next up, we went downstairs to the blood lab for the EKG.  They were on number 80 and we were given 102.  Eek!  Jonas and I took turns walking around w/ Darus.  And there was one point where Darus insisted upon laying on the ground.  We received a lot of dirty looks from other people for allowing him to do this.  No worries!  I'm comfortable with picking my battles with him!

We finally got called into the lab and did the EKG first.  It was a breeze compared to the echocardiogram!  The technician hardly had him on the wires for a minute, before she was ready to take them off!  Press the easy button!

Next up - blood draw.  Darus does pretty good with these.  The challenge is holding him still, long enough for them to get all the blood they need.  An additional nurse came in to help -- and, of course, UmiZoomi on the iPad was golden!