Challenges at School

I got a call form Darus' school last night asking if I could meet with them this morning.  In brief ... the meeting was very difficult and kind of even crushing.  The teachers and staff are really struggling with Darus and his behaviors and trying to keep him present and engaged.  Apparently they are seeing aggressive behavior and they are concerned about him hurting other kids and the staff.  It was so tough to hear ... but, they were very kind, nice and gentle with their delivery ... and, I really do truly believe they CARE and they want what's best for Darus.  For that, I have to be grateful and thankful.  Below is the email I sent to the directors recapping our meeting. 

Thank you both, very much, for having the meeting with me this morning.  It was very tough for me to hear what you had to say, but I did hear you loud and clear.  And I'm so thankful that you shared with me and I'm so thankful that you're willing/wanting to be our parenting partners.  Jonas and I feel like we've won the lottery by having Darus at your school.  We really feel like it's an incredible opportunity for him and we're so thankful that a place like your school exists.  Thank you.

I spoke w/ Darus' psychiatrist this morning already and she has a prescription for Intuniv called into the pharmacy.  I will pick it up this afternoon and we will start it tomorrow AM.  She said the first week of it, he will likely be a bit tired/lethargic, but it should even out thereafter.  She said if we don't see improvement within a few weeks, she'd like to talk to us once again about Abilify and/or Risperdal.

In addition to the medication, we are committed to helping our Darus in any way possible.  I agree with you that swimming could be really beneficial and we will do what we can to get him in the pool on a more regular basis.

I am also grateful that you devised a plan to help support him at school.  I'm hoping that with him being with 'larger' sized peers, this might help him feel like more of a match than a misfit.

Last, but not least, we are going to do our best to make sure that any/all dairy is eradicated from his diet.  Also, I checked his probiotics.  They are casein and dairy free.

Thanks again, very much, for your kindness this morning.  I'm really glad we had an opportunity to meet and talk and I am so thankful Darus is in such a caring and mindful environment!

With love & gratitude,