Mustard Boy

The mornings can be a challenge when it's just Darus and me at home, but we always manage!  Thankfully, he's mostly past the stage where he'll take all of his clothes off when I'm in the shower.  Now he's graduated to other mischief!  This morning, for example, he helped himself to the mustard from the fridge.  I was able to find hilarity in this episode, as thankfully, it wasn't nearly as messy as it could have been!  As I was getting dressed, he toddled into my room and I noticed he smelled a bit like a hotdog - but I didn't see any mustard on his face/clothes.  I walked out to the kitchen and noticed mustard splatterings on the table, but didn't see the actual mustard bottle.  I figured it was likely in the garbage, as he often puts things in the garbage.  Nope.  Not there!  I then noticed that there was a bit of mustard on the fridge door, so I opened the door, and there was the bottle!  Cleverly tucked back into the door of the fridge!