Giving Thanks

Every year since I've known my husband, Thanksgiving has always been a day to celebrate our family & friends.  Even after the death of our daughter in 2009, we forged forward and 'gave thanks'.  This year is going to be something different.  Although we do, indeed, have a lot to be thankful for, we are also saddled with the responsibility of being special needs' parents.  Reality was dealt to us at the end of September when we received Darus' dx.  Yes, of course we still have hope, but the likelihood of our child ever having an independent life, is very slim.  This year we've decided to finally take our sister up on her offer to take us to Disneyland!  We spent the morning at The Happiest Place on Earth -- and spent the afternoon cooking and the evening eating.  It was a different type of Thanksgiving - but it was ours - so it was special.