About Darus

Reasons for the Website

  • To keep track, as best I can, of the many facets of our every day lives.
  • To help others that are on a similar path.
  • To keep family & friends up to date on everything Darus.

Adventures in Parenthood

Our first child, our daughter, was born still when I was 36 weeks pregnant in October 2009.  Our second child, the namesake of this blog, was born a year later, alive.  He was and continues to be the apple of my eye with the happiest disposition of anyone I know.  He developed normally the first 18 or so months of his life, but had little to no speech.  In addition, we started to notice his very short attention span, difficulty attending to task and fleeting eye contact.  Darus was diagnosed w/ autism right before his 3rd birthday.  My motherly instinct knew there was something more and I fought the fight, with our health insurance company, for genetic testing.  We finally received a diagnosis of Phelan-McDermid Syndrome at the end of September 2014, thus, the inception of this website.